Everyone can change their lives and become happy, (but how?)" is the question of the life coach Dragana Bulut. She is an artist of happiness. Together with her colleague Helen Schröder she is empowering people to lead a life of harmony, love and happiness through giving them the tools to acquire all that they desire.

Cabinet of Happiness by Dragana Bulut Performances by coach Dragana Bulut and personal trainer Helen Schröder Dramaturgy coach: Ana Vujanovic Light coach: Joseph Wegmann

The Museum Folkwang shows the first museum exhibition of Dragana Bulut. Cabinet of Happiness the Berlin-based choreographer and performer Dragana Bulut examines the promises and methods of positive psychology. Through appropriating various forms of coaching, she explores the questions behind the ideology of happiness today and the way in which the pressure of happiness choreographs our behavior and affects the creation of subjectivity. Visitors have the possibility to join different coaching sessions, each with a different approach and aim. In the coaching "Express," participants learn to relax in no time. In "Twist," they can experience a completely new method of positive thinking and empathic feeling, possibly changing their life for the good. Or, in "Hedonimeter," participants can literally observe how their level of happiness grows steadily by employing specific techniques.

This work continues Dragana Bulut’s interest in staging social choreographies that ground on the tension between the material and the immaterial, object and affect, reality and fiction. Her performances examine the way feelings, wishes and fears are commercialised.