Von romantischer Liebe, Community-Sehnsucht und anderen menschlichen Algorithmen
on Beyond Love by Micha Tsouloukidse for tanzschreiber.de

Dragana Bulut: Beyond Love 
by Veronika Posth  for seeingdance.com

Beyond Love: Choreographie der Liebe
by Sussane Gietl for kulturschoxx.de

Theater statt Tinder: In „Beyond Love“ werden Besucher verkuppelt
by Patrick Wildermann for tagesspiegel.de

Dragana Bulut: “Art and life are not separate, they feed each other`
Interview for seestage.org

Do koje mere je budućnost određena sadašnjošću
Interview for Politika 

Eilmeldung aus der Zukunft
on Future Fortune by Alex Henning

Wenn Roboter zum Hauptdarsteller werden
on Future Fortune by Hannes Soltau

So So Happy. Or: Everything is a Question of Practice
on Happyology by Alexandra Henning

Being Exhausted, Acting Happy: Dragana Bulut’s Happyology — Tears of Joy
on Happyology by Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt

Play, Experimental Performance art / Berlin Art Link
on Pass It On by Beatrix Joyce

Frühlingsfest(ival) auf PACT Zollverein
on Return of the Zombie by Honke Rambow

Interview with Rita Natalio about
Return of the Zombie

Künstlerisches Gedankengut zum Schleuderpreis
on Pass it On by Mannheimer Morgen

Writing with the Body
by Dragana Bulut and Adam Linder
PS - Jahresring 61: Jahrbuch fur moderne Kunst

Negotiating Solo Dance Authorship in the Neoliberal Capitalist Society
by Dragana Bulut
TKH (Journal for Performing Arts Theory)

Contextual art in the countries of Eastern Europe: Approaches, diagnoses and treatments of the problems
Anti-Jargon Group, Deschooling Classrom

Its of the to work we go
On E.I.O by Lise Smith