E.I.O is practical.
E.I.O gives you purpose.
E.I.O helps you to experience.
E.I.O provides condition.
E.I.O makes you active.
E.I.O has no judgment.
E.I.O projects no value.

It is an utopian fiction of practical solutions.
It mixes work and leisure to reach a futuristic adventure.
It is the investigation of practicability in a performative frame.
It is a co-created experience where the ultimate aim is to be practical.
E.I.O is one hour society.

E.I.O investigates the creation of value and its distribution in the arts in the performance that is co-created each time by its potential audience. In the other words, “it is a utopian fiction of practical solutions.”

E.I.O received The Prix Jardin d’Europe 2010, European dance prize for young choreographers.The E.I.O. team receives the award “for the way in which, through this performance, with minimal resources and much imagination, they deeply redefine the concept of work, questioning the means of production both in art and real life, the creation, distribution and value of art”.
Authors: Dragana Bulut, Maria Baroncea, Eduard Gabia

This project has been developed as research in three phases with a support of National Dance Centre Bucharest, feldefelproduction, City Council of Belgrade, Station- service for contemporary dance Belgrade, Jardin D’Europe trough residency in London Hosted by Southbank Centre, in association with 4Culture Association, Bucharest, in partnership with Laban Theatre, London.

Presented in InTransit festival Berlin, Tanz Quartier Wien, National Dance Center Bucharest, REX, Belgrade, Laban Dance Center, London, Explore Dance festival Bucharest, Idans Festival Istanbul, euro-scene Leipzig, Kondenz festival Belgrade, Locomotion Festival Skoplje,Terni festival Italy, Malta festival, Poznan.