3 apples in one place is a group of apples. This group of apples equals a value of 4 cucumbers, which translates into one melon, 40 centimeters wide. 40 centimeters wide melon weighs one kilo. 40 melons of 1 kilo weigh are 40 kilos, 40 kilos of melon costs 40 Euros. 40 Euros of melon is enough to feed 80 people. 80 people in one place are a gathering of people. The gathering of people equals the gathering of information. Group of information distributed in space and time is distributed cognition. Distributed cognition is 40 km in an hour fast, which is one hour in time. For this one hour, in this theater space, you pay 7 to 20 euros, depending on the location. 20 euro of your time equals 20 melons.

EIONOMETRY means we gather, we measure, we act, we evaluate, in order create disruptions in the already existing value system and redistribution of information and money flow. We might get rich, smart, or happy only through distributed cognition and knowledge between individuals, objects, artifacts, or tools.
The project was presented at eXplore festival in Bucharest 2011 and iDans festival festival Istanbul.

Authors: Dragana Bulut, Maria Baroncea, Eduard Gabia

This project is co produced by afcn – Administratia Fondului Cultural National, “Bimeras | iDANS” with the support of Jardin d’Europe (Culture Programme of the European Commission), Explore Dance Festival, 4culture association, supported by POINT 4 space, subRAHOVA , Station- Service for contemporary dance Belgrade, the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin in the frame of the study course MA SODA.