Love at First Byte is a continuation of Dragana Bulut’s research on commodification of emotions. After dealing with the commodification of happiness and fear in her recent works, she now investigates the commodification of love and its social choreography as a tool to reflect on social changes in our affective realm. 
This research unpacks the complex relationship between love and technology, focusing on the questions of ethics and the implications new technologies have on the future of human relations. Can technological developments offer alternatives of love, instead of providing further grounds for its commodification?
Concept, artistic direction, research leader: Dragana Bulut
By and with: Caroline Neill Alexander
Dramaturgy: Andrew Hardwidge Lighting Design: Fabian Bleich Technical support: Heinrich Mellman Experts Input: Dr. Yuefang Shou, Kate Devlin Assistance: Benjamin Fischer, Beatrice Zanesco Production Management: Chris Wohlrab (Tatwerk)

Production: Dragana Bulut. Co-production: PACT Zollverein (Essen). The realisation of the project has been made possible with funding from the DAKU funds. In co-operation with Tatwerk. Supported by Realbotix