Milka Djordjevich and Dragana Bulut amplify the artifice of performance in order to reveal the generic character of contemporary dance daily life and jargon. They expose the internalized codes and techniques that seem inherent to the free and casual body of contemporary dance and question the tacit knowledge that is considered our own intuition. They work with marginalized performers, whose inability to escape the pretense of performance is magnified, as their endeavor in moving produces a futile result. Does this signal a time for a change, or is it just a soundscape for revolution?

…There’s a wicked edge to its commentary, so deadpan as to be robotic, on mystical-mechanical dance jargon, artistic collaboration, and cultural exchange. But beyond the central conceit—a surprise in casting—the parodic elements turn out to be puns with the humor stretched out of them…”– The New Yorker
The creation of Made in China was made possible, in part, by theDanspace Project 2010-11 Commissioning Initiative, with support from the Jerome Foundation; by Dance Theater Workshop’s Suitcase Fund as part of the East/Central Europe Cultural Partnerships Program, with support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding; with support by fabrik Potsdam in the frame of Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residence; Station – service for contemporary dance Belgrade; and with support by the Inter-University Center for DanceBerlin in the frame of the study course MASolo/Dance/Authorship.

concept, choreography & performance Dragana Bulut & Milka Djordjevich; dramaturgical advice Ana Vujanovic; sound design Keith O’Brien; lighting design Yair Vardi

Presented in Fabrik Potsdam,Uferstudios Berlin, Germany
Nov.Ples – Contemporary Dance Festival
Per.Art & Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad, Serbia,BITEF Theater, Belgrade, Serbia , Danspace Project, New York City