Pass It On is a performance realized as an auction, which deals with the question of authorship, the relation between the material and the immaterial, and the value of an artistic object. It offers a broad spectrum of items.

The rules of the auction and the registration form will be available before the beginning. By registering you get your bidding number and become potential owners of the items that will be presented at the live Auction. Note that by registering you don’t oblige yourself to buy any item; however, you could find art at bargain prices and have fun, too.
Bring your cash, cause it’s all for grabs!
AUTHOR Dragana Bulut COLLABORATORS Maria Baroncea, Sheena McGrandles, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Ligia Soares, Drinka Bulut, Nina Kurtela, Will Ralws DRAMATURGY ADVICE Ana Vujanovic SUPPORTED BY HZT Inter-University Center for dance Berlin, City council Belgrade.

The performance is presented in Ausufern/Tanz im August festival Berlin, Uferstudios Berlin, HetVeem Theter Amaterdam, Tanz Panorama Frankfurt, Wunder der Praerie festival Mannheim, Antistatic festival Sofia, Brain Drain conference in Novi Sad, Kondenz festival Belgrade, Desire Festival Subotica.